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Terms and Conditions


All available prices are Wholesale unless otherwise noted. Pricing calculated using our Online Quote Calculator or from price sheets are not final prices. Final pricing and quotation can only be provided by a service representative. Quotations are valid for a period of 90 days. Shop Minimum is $25, regardless of quoted figures.


It is the customers responsibility to ensure their graphics file is free of errors including rough traces that may have unforeseen results. will make every effort to check your supplied graphics before fabrication begins but makes no guarantee. If the customer determines that additional graphic corrections are required, they may resubmit corrected graphics, noting that resubmission of graphics may call for a delay in production and possible increase in invoice total. If the customer is unable to correct graphics, graphic assistance is available from at an additional cost.


Graphics that have been sent to 3DLO via e-mail, file upload or other digital medium become the property of for the potential purpose of, but not limited to, future orders by any customer. 3DLO will not sell or redistribute artwork of any kind provided by customers at any time. E-Mail transactions are stored permanently. Received FAXes are stored for a period of one year only. Telephone conversations are not recorded and will not be used as the primary source for order activation, change or cancellation.


All orders are custom and most orders will require a vector graphics file to be supplied by the customer. Orders requiring graphics files must be submitted either through our online order form with File Upload, via e-mail or COMPACT DISC (PC format).. Do not send 3.5in Floppy discs in the mail. Most orders are completed in 5 business days (M-F) or less. Some orders may require more working time. Orders placed after 1:00PM [PST] are counted as having been submitted the following morning (7:00AM [PST]). All posted completion dates are considered actually complete as of 3:00PM [PST] of the date posted.


Our Standard paints are designed to match our standard laminates, both acrylic and metal. Additional information about said colors is available within the Product Info section of Unless otherwise specified, paints will be latex based and have a 'semi-gloss' finish. Higher sheen finishes may call for a price increase. Our paint matches are 'As Close As Possible' to produce functional paint; our painters and paint matchers will use their best judgement to produce working paint that matches your request. Some colors, especially inks, are too vibrant to be matched in a latex based paint. These colors may require the use of higher grade paints in order to produce accurate color matches. 3DLetters will work with provided paints but makes no garantee regarding lifespan of the finished product.


We welcome working with your provided materials and will adjust our prices accordingly. Quotations for working with provided materials that are made prior to receiving and examining said provided materials may be subject price increase. Quotations for provided materials assume correct machinable conditions and accurate measurements by the customer regarding material constitution. will not replace provided materials that are damaged or fail as a result of conditions outside our control. Customer may be asked to provide extra material incase of error.


All orders are COD unless other payment options are arranged prior to the order. We accept Visa and MasterCard or if you prefer, we will ship orders COD (COD Charges will apply). UPS will not accept cash for a COD order. Payment by check is available for will call orders. Checks can be made payable to 3DLO,, 3D Letters, 3D Letters Online,, or The Raised Letter Co. A 50% deposit may be required on orders of $500 or more.


All shipments are FOB, Santee, California. Unless specific arrangements are made by the customer for shipping, we will ship using the carrier we judge to be the best for the order (usually UPS). All shipping is at the customers expense. Some items, due to weight or size, may incur crating charges.


All orders are custom. If you change or cancel an order, you are responsible for any work in progress and any material and/or labor costs incurred. All 'change order' requests should be sent in writing.


Our liability is limited to the replacement of products produced by us that fail due to workmanship during the warranty period. We accept no liability for any mishandling or improper installation of our product.


We will repair or replace any product of our manufacture that fails due to workmanship within a period of 90 days from our invoice date. We make no other warranties, expressed or implied, regarding our products.